Making your home work for you!

Everyone deserves to live in a space that they love and feels like home. Sometimes, it’s just hard to know how to start organizing and simplifying so that you can enjoy your space. The Organized Nomad is here to help make your home work for you! Contact us now!


I’m not an organized person by nature, and the idea of cleaning out closets can be overwhelming to me. The Organized Nomad made the whole process easy and fun! At every step in the process, Shelly made sure to ask me what I envisioned for those spaces and showed me her plans for organizing it. Nothing was thrown away unless I wanted to get rid of it. She even brought some of her own bins to help me get organized! Before The Organized Nomad helped me with my closets, they were a jumble of random things in a pile; I didn’t even know what was in at the bottom or in the back! Now, I can walk in to either closet and see exactly what is inside. I also love that Shelly put up some shelves and photos in my downstairs closet, making it a fun and attractive space as well. I now have a everything it’s own space, whether it’s workout equipment, gift bags or my son’s crafts. Shelly’s work has inspired me to start organizing other parts of my house (or better yet, hire her to do it!) I may not love organizing things myself, but I can definitely appreciate the feeling of knowing where my things are when I need them. Shelly was also an extremely quick worker and very considered of my wishes and preferences. I would recommend The Organized Nomad to anyone who doesn’t love to do their own organizing.

B.C. (Fort Drum)

Shelly came into our lives when we needed it most. As a mother of two young boys, the main parts of our home were always a mess. While I believed we had a nice home, we couldn’t enjoy it due to the endless clutter and lack of organization. Frankly, I didn’t have the energy or mental fortitude to even know where to begin. Then came Shelly. From our first meeting, she came across as genuine and nonjudgmental. She truly is someone that wants to help make your living space work for you. I didn’t have a budget in mind, and when I decided on one she kept everything at and often times below what I had planned for. She turned our spaces into areas that were both aesthetically pleasing and functional. I no longer feel overwhelmed when looking at our play room, living room, and entryway. Each and everything has a “home” leaving clear, uncluttered spaces to enjoy and relax in. I can’t praise Shelly and her services enough, she brought a sense of mental peace to our space that I couldn’t have created on my own. I will definitely be using her again for other spaces in our home.

B.B. (Fort Drum)