3, 2, 1…Blast Off!

Shelves with boxes, folders and green plant

Making your home work for you!

Pop Quiz! When you start a new business, what ends up happening?

A. You can’t sleep at night because you are all kinds of nervous and excited
B. When you do sleep, you dream about The Container Store
C. You ask yourself if you are crazy
D. You are more excited to meet new people and start an adventure than you ever could have imagined
E. All of the above

If you answered E., you must be me!

It’s true, I’m taking the plunge and starting a new business! A professional organizing business! Other than that time in first grade where I forgot to put a bed pillow on my bed before rushing out the door to the bus and my mom called me back from the bus stop IN FRONT OF ALL OF MY FRIENDS to fix said pillow, I’ve always been a very organized person. (How was that run-on sentence for a blog opener?) When I get quiet and stare at a wall, my husband is known to say, “Are you organizing in your head again?” Why yes, yes I am. I’m one of “those” people that enjoys organizing in my free time. I’ve always felt a little awkward when I list organizing as a hobby, but it’s the truth. I just love doing it. It centers me, it brings me joy, and when my house is organized, it surprisingly hides how very little I dust and vacuum.

Enough about me, why am I launching this business? I want to use my quirky passion to bring other people joy. I truly believe that your home should be your sanctuary. That no matter what your style, your hobbies, your desires for your life, your home should be working for you.  If I can bring a slice of joy to you and your home by organizing areas that make you break out in hives, I will be filled with joy myself. I intend to do what I love and love what I do. And gosh darn it, I love to organize.

Over the following months, I hope to use this portion of my website to show you what I’m up to at The Organized Nomad and show you some tips and techniques to organizing your own spaces.

I would love to help make your home work for you. If you are ready to take that plunge with me, I will be offering a special discount of 50% to my first 3 clients who book an organizing session. This special discount includes my hourly rate AND packages! Contact me now by phone, e-mail, or Facebook messaging to book your session now!


PS. Wondering why I named my business The Organized Nomad? Hopefully that first part is obvious! As for the “nomad”, I couldn’t be prouder to call myself a military wife. My family moves to new homes frequently and I hope that I can show fellow military spouses (or other nomads) that we can still have rentals and temporary homes that bring us joy, stay organized, and become that little sanctuary.


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