Beautiful Mess


Here’s the deal dear friends. I want to tell you something I feel very strongly about right off the bat. Something I hold a passionate opinion about.  That opinion happens to involve you and your home. Ready for it?

Your home is beautiful.


Your home is beautiful!

That’s right. You heard me. In this world of Pinterest, social media, and an ever-present “Keeping up with the Joneses” feeling, you need to know this. We all fall somewhere on that continuum of organized and disorganized, minimalist decorating and Hobby Lobby threw up in my house. No matter what your home looks like, no matter how organized or disorganized you are, your home is beautiful. It is not the things or decorations, empty spaces or colorful containers that make your home beautiful either. The people and the love inside your home make it beautiful.

What does this have to do with organizing? When I organize for myself or other clients, it is not with the intent of making it a “Pinterest ready” home (though it can be). It is not with the intent of showing neighbors how you or I have it all together. It’s not even about making your house fit my idea of what organization looks like. It shouldn’t have to be that! When I organize, it gives me an outward appreciation of the inner beauty in that specific home. When you organize your home, it helps you regain the function and further reflect the beauty of what’s already inside.

Your home is beautiful!


Your home is beautiful!

But Shelly, what about last week’s laundry sitting on my dining room table? What about the toys hastily shoved under the couch? What about the stack of bills and school papers that have sat untouched on my counter? How is my home beautiful when it seems chaotic at times? All of our homes have chaotic moments! We are living life! We all drop stuff on the “catch all” counter when we come home from work, school, or the store. We all have days where we are just too tired to finish the laundry and instead keep fluffing it in the dryer until we get around to it. Give yourself some grace. You aren’t doing anyone a favor by beating yourself up over what your house looks like.

Today, I don’t want you focused on things that need to get done. Just for today, take a look around and make note of the things that you love about your home. Your kids’ messy pile of artwork that shows how their creative little minds work. The pile of laundry with that beautiful new shirt that you just bought. The dishes in the sink that still have a hint of that delicious meal you made last night. That picture of your family or friends that brings a smile to your face. Appreciating the little things and the beauty they bring to your home…that’s what really matters.

Your home is beautiful. Without understanding that, where is the motivation to take care of your space anyway?


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