What I’m Hiding in my Laundry Room


Alright guys, I’m going to let you peek behind the curtain in my laundry room. Literally – there’s a curtain in there and we’re going to look behind it.

My philosophy about organizing is that it needs to be fun, functional, and frugal. Emphasis on the frugal. I’m a professional organizer, people. I love matching baskets. I love neatly spaced, color-coded closets.  I love perusing amazing pictures from The Container Store catalog. (Why yes, I do consider this a fun read.) But sometimes, getting our dream space just doesn’t match our real-life budget. This is where my laundry room comes in.


Aside from going into people’s homes to help them find maintainable organizing solutions, I’m also a mom to two darling, dirty little boys. I do a lot of laundry. I decided long ago that if I’m going to be spending half of my day in the laundry room, I want it to look pretty, gosh darn it. My problem was that doing a laundry room makeover was not a high priority item in our budget. My solution was to use what I already owned.

  • Cute, floral baskets from Target


  • Wicker baskets from Target


  • Wicker trash bins from Bed, Bath, and Beyond


  • A Texas A&M tin bucket gifted to me


All of these baskets and bins are adorable and I absolutely love them. But I still didn’t particularly enjoy doing laundry in there either. I wanted a little more pizzazz and luckily my mom unknowingly came to the rescue. As my parents were doing their own bathroom renovation, they decided to declutter and donate some of their stuff. Luckily, my brother and I got to pick first from the cast-offs. I ended up getting this from my parents:

  • A huge area rug


  • A beautiful stained-glass window


Score! Thanks Mom and Dad! Now let’s give my laundry room that pizzazz and sparkle. *Jazz fingers everyone!* I was ready to use what I already owned and was gifted to make the laundry room work. The laundry room in our on-post housing has open shelving. It’s wonderful and huge and gives me all the space that I need to store cleaning supplies for my dirty children. But when I walked in, it really bothered me that the cute, floral baskets did not match this huge area rug. Ideally, I’d love closed cabinets in the laundry room. Alas, it’s just not a possibility right now. (I know, first world problems.) But if I’m going to be spending half of my life doing my children’s laundry, I want my laundry room to be pretty, gosh darn it.

So what was my solution?

You guessed it – the curtain. As I mentioned in this previous post about military moves, you keep ALL THE CURTAINS. I happened to have an extra blue curtain along with a mismatched curtain rod. My husband got his honey-do list and installed the curtain rod onto our ceiling using eye hooks. Voila! Those cute, floral, mismatched baskets were still functional, but all of a sudden the space also became more warm and inviting. (Is that even possible for a laundry room?) Total cost of this transformation: a whopping $0. A big ol’ goose egg.

Don’t have room in the budget to buy cute storage baskets? Want a quick, easy, solution to your laundry room woes? Lean in, I’m going to whisper something in your ear. HANG A CURTAIN! It’s a laundry room game changer.




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