Realistic, Budget Friendly Linen Closet


Friends, I love organizing. I love Pinterest-y organizing projects. I love Chip and JoJo with the rest of you. What I don’t love? The price tag that comes along with making Pinterest level projects. At this point in our lives, we don’t have the budget to make our house look like a magazine. To save money, we try to first use what we have, then spend as little money as possible on quality products.

That’s exactly what we did with our linen closet.


I kid you not when I say this was a $0 project. Goose egg. We used what we had. A couple of years ago, these mismatched fabric bins were in my oldest son’s room. When we had our second, I decided to get matching bins for the boys’ room to go with their décor. Instead of trashing or donating the mismatched bins, we kept them. For a while, they just stayed collapsed in a closet. When we finally got our hands on a house with a linen closet, they came in quite handy!


I’ll fess up right now. I’m a professional organizer and I’m not the biggest fan of labels. Don’t get me wrong, I use them, but only when they are needed. In this picture, I labeled what’s in the bins so YOU can see them. But guess what, the only person that uses the closet in this house is me. Seasonal kitchen towels with cute little pumpkins are just not a priority for my husband, bless the man. When guests come over, generally I’m the one to get the sheets. Tablecloths for nice dinners? Yup, that’s me too. If no one else needs to know where the things are, don’t label the things! It’s just not necessary! The main one that my husband does help with are the kids’ sheets. And guess what…those are labeled in the kids’ closets!


Want to make this project work for your home? Here are some tips:

  • If you don’t have fabric cube storage laying around your house, check out Walmart, your local dollar store, and other discount stores (like our local Five Below or Christmas Tree Shop). Using the Walmart links (not an affiliate), this project would be less than $35. Find good bins, plastic or fabric, at the Dollar Store? This project will be less than $10!
  • Take the time to fold your towels! When they are nicely folded, it just looks and feels better!
  • When organizing with what you have, focus on symmetry. For example, that one lone cube bin on the bottom shelf? By putting that in the middle and putting large towels on both sides, it adds to the overall space looking more organized.

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