Have a question that you don’t see here? E-mail me at theorganizednomad@gmail.com and ask away!

Q. Why pay someone to organize for me? Can’t I just do that myself? Would that even be worth my time?

A. Well, geez, pull out all the stops for the first question! Here’s the thing – life happens and we are busy. Sometimes taking care of our families takes priority over, let’s say, cleaning out that junk drawer or the “shut the door so it doesn’t all fall out” closet. Sometimes, we have other, heavier things on our hearts that cause us to collect, hold, and get a little lost in the physical shuffle of it all. Sometimes you just need help. If your space is taking joy away from your life, it’s time to do something about it. Getting organized will help you be more efficient and give time back to you every day. Whether you are busy or want a caring person to walk through (or sort through) the piles with you, I can help! Let me give you some of that joy back! Everyone deserves to live in a home that brings them joy!

Q. Your business hours are weird. What’s up with that? Why can’t we meet in the afternoon?

A. It’s a legitimate question. Currently, I am only working part time so that I can work on my passion (organizing and helping YOU!) while still raising my other passion (my two children). They are in childcare for a limited number of hours, so I need to operate within that time frame. With that being said, there are certain days where I can meet in the afternoon or on the weekends, but it will be by appointment only. As my boys get older, I plan to add more available time for organizing sessions.

Q. Don’t organizers make me throw things away?

A. No, depending on the project. Certain projects will call for a pure re-organization. However, in most circumstances, decluttering is part of the organization process. Nothing will be thrown away without your permission. We will go through your space together to decide if anything is dirty, unsanitary, or unsafe. After that, we will go through a decluttering plan that helps you simplify your space and make your home work for you. Any items that need to be donated will go to the charity of your choosing.

Q. How long does organizing take? I wanted this done yesterday!

A. This will depend on your space, how many spaces, and what’s in the space. In order to be as efficient as possible, you will be ready to make decisions. During our initial consultation, you will be asked a number of questions. Your answers and reviewing the space will give me a better idea as to how long it will take. When you organize your house, you are working with items, sentimental or otherwise, that have been bought or gathered over years. If it takes time to gather, it takes time to order!

Q. What should I do before our session?

A. Nothing! Hide your broom! Hide your vacuum! Hide your kids, hide your wife…wait… Don’t clean or straighten up before I come over. It helps me get a better sense of how your space is operating and gives me a clearer picture of what we will be working with. Beyond that, I live in a house with two children, a dog, and my dear, wonderful husband. I understand. Your house should look lived in, because you are living in it! All you need to know is what room you would like to work on. The rest, we can figure out together.

Q. I have tiny little rugrats too. Can my kids be here during our organization session? 

A. I would recommend leaving your kids with a trusted neighbor or friend or in childcare so that we can be as efficient as possible. Children often need a lot of attention, food, and water when they are at home. If our sessions are slowed down by those little distractions, you will end up possibly needing more time in the end. That being said, I will never push your own children out of your own door. (That’s your job mama bird!) If your children will be at the house, have plenty of activities and snacks ready and on hand!

Q. I’m beat and don’t want to run more errands. Will you purchase the organizational products for me?

A. I’d be more than happy to shop for you. I will charge the cost of the item plus 10% for travel and time expenses. However, I will not be putting together any shelving units or other furniture items. Please allow time in your schedule to have that ready for our session.

Q. I would really like the help simplifying my life and organizing some areas, but I’m embarrassed. What if you judge me?

A. I will never judge you for your home. Life happens, dear ones. Clutter happens. Most importantly, this is your home where you are building your life and family. THAT is beauty. I keep our session strictly confidential and adhere to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Code of Ethics. Everyone deserves to have a home that brings them joy. All I’m doing is giving a helping hand with that.

Q. After the space is reorganized, can you also clean for me?

A. I do not offer cleaning services. If I am placing a shelf on the floor, I will lightly sweep or vacuum underneath and dust as needed if we are replacing items on shelves. Organizing is not a surface level cleaning. It is finding a system that will help keep you and your family organized for the long term.