Services and Pricing

Offering services to Fort Drum and surrounding communities within 20 minutes.

My goal is to listen and work with you. After all, it is YOUR home, not mine! I will work with you and your family to design an organizing system that meets your needs, provides simplicity and style, and sets you up for continued success. We will find a service that fits in your budget and your needs!



Following Services Available

DIY Action Plan

-Do you know how much getting organized would improve your home’s function, but want a lower cost option?
-Are you self-motivated but just need some advice on how to get started or proceed with your project?
-Do you want to organize on your own time frame?
-Would you rather communicate via e-mail or phone?

Residential Organizing

-Are you overwhelmed by the state of your home and need help finding new organizational systems that work for your family?
-Do you know how to organize but just want an extra hand to help with the physical work?
-Just moved and have no clue where to put your furniture?
-Have you had your room set up for a while, but it just doesn’t feel right?

PCS Decluttering and Organization

-Is this your first PCS and you aren’t sure where to get started?
-Are you a pro at moving but just want to treat yourself to some help with the prep work?
-Would you like to downsize before the next move so you don’t spend as much time unpacking?

Mommy Makeover Package

-Do you want help with multiple areas of your home and want a good deal?

Product Purchasing

-Love the product suggestions but don’t have the time to pick them up locally?




In-home organizing subject to sales tax. Payment is due in full at the end of each organizing session. Currently, only cash and check are accepted.

*Refer a friend, get one free hour of organizing in a future organizing session!